Some events provide cards (photo of the participant with event logo) for the speakers and/or participants to make announcements of their activities and show the contacts that will be part of the event.

To generate the card you need to have a photo on the platform Here's how to add photo.

The information displayed on the card is generated according to the information registered in the "About" tab.

If you want to change the information on the card (name, social name, conference name, etc.) you can see how to do it in "I want to change my personal information"

There is no way to change the position or resize the letters on the card, but you can reposition the photo (at the time of "adding the photo" as per step 3).

If the photo / information does not update, we suggest clearing the cache by holding down CTRL + F5 (for Windows) or CMD + SHIFT + R (for MacOS) or Logout, wait a few minutes and log in again.