If you will be a speaker or would like to submit an article for approval at any congress or seminar, you should:

1. Access the official page of the event;

2. At the top of the screen there is the "Submit article" button, click and open another window on the screen;

3. In the first part of the registration (Login), you must access with your registered user in Eventelis, or make your registration

4. In the second stage (Registration), fill in the requested data;

5. In the third step (Select), you must click the "New Article" button and fill in the title and select the language of the article;

6. With the title of the article selected, click "Next" and fill in all the information about the article you are submitting.

You can partially save or submit:

A. If you want to complete the information later, you can save what you have already filled out by clicking "Save Article" at the top of the submission screen; Or

B. If the information is complete and correct, you can submit the article by clicking "Submit" at the bottom of the submission screen

* Some events work with article submission in two steps:

First register the article summary, without uploading the article file

After approval of the summary by the evaluation committee, opens the option to upload the complete article file.