To make your registration in the event of interest, first, you must access the official website and then follow the steps below:

1. Click the "Apply" button at the top of the screen
2. Member Login with information registered in (If you do not have your registration in Eventelis, here's how to do) and click Next
3. You can make your registration and / or enroll other people, generating a single payment:

A. "Sign me up":
i. Fill in your email, select the category (Standard, student, etc) and check the ticket you want to buy;
ii. On the next screen, fill in the information requested. If you are entitled to discount, upload the voucher;
iii. In the payment stage, you can use discount coupon and / or select the payment method.

B. "Subscribe to others"
i. When you select this option, you must enter the email of the person who will go to the event, select the category (standard, student, etc.) and mark the registration you want to buy
ii. Go to the payment step and select the desired payment method.

4. Complete the requested information so that the payment is processed
5. Finish the application. You will receive the receipt of your purchase in the e-mail registered in Eventelis

* You can buy for yourself and others in the same purchase.
* Entries made for third parties will be sent in the e-mail registered at the time of purchase. Here's how to validate a voucher.