With this report, you can view the information from the users registered in the App.

The user data can be downloaded in CSV or XLSX formats.

Note: In the case of Multi Events plan, the data downloaded is related to all users registered on the App.

To obtain this report follow these steps: Dashboard Home ---> Application users;

The App Users table will open and from there you can download it for a file as described previously.

To download a complete spreadsheet with the data of all users of the APP is simple, simply click the "XLSX" button to download a spreadsheet in the format, or click "CSV".

The data that you can extract to this report is:

  • Created (?)
    • Date that App user was created;
  • Last Access (?)
    • This feature was implemented on Eventelis 16.11 Version. Some fields probably will be empty . Last Access will be written on the next login and you can download this information. 
  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Cellular
  • Company
  • Function
  • Force Update Info Option (?)
    • If a user does not complete all data  fields, you can force it update his information by clicking on the check-box "Force Update Info".
    • There are two ways to it happens:
      • When User are logged in:
        • Appears an notification that will redirect the user in App to screen to complete his data
      • When user are offline
        • The next time that the user logs in the App he will be redirected to a screen to complete his information.

  • Other Function
  • Department
  • Other Department
  • Segment
  • Address
  • Additional Informations
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Branch
  • Fax
  • Personal Email
  • Twitter ID
  • Linkedin ID
  • Facebook ID
  • Blog
  • Other
  • Date Of User Creation
  • Date of the last access in app


If you want to download the data based on some type of filter, you can apply a search filter by clicking the "Filter" button, this mode has opened a field where you can set the parameter for your search, for example:

If you do not need to download company data X, simply enter the name in the search field and the users appear in the list. To download a spreadsheet containing only the data of the filtered users, you must select the users who should obtain the data, and then click "XLSX" or "CSV".