This tutorial will give the support to manage the inscriptions and indications of your Event(s)

Here we go!

 To access the list of inscriptions click the "Inscriptions" button and then select a "Inscrições" tab.

1. Filters:

  • Filter by event name:
    • As the name suggests, this filter will fetch all inscriptions based on the name of the event entered.
  • Filter by Enrollment Status:
    • There are three possible statuses:
    • Waiting for approval: Will appears all registrations made by the App, which require verification and approval of the event manager.
    • Approved: All registrations already approved.
    • Disapproved: All registrations already disapproved.
  • Filter by Event Date:
    • In this case you must enter the final date of the event to search for information correctly. 

2. Approving or disapproving registrations:

Now, with the filters applied and with the inscriptions that you searched on screen, you can easily approve or disapprove it. To approve, just click on the "Approve" button and to disapprove the "Disapprove" option.