Here you will find step by step to create an event completely, from the insertion of activities or sessions to management of the information.
Click the "Events" button in the upper left corner of the Dashboard;
It will open your event screen, which by default will be empty. Click the "+" button in the lower right corner to "Add New Event";
After clicking add new event, it will open the configuration window. It will open the following tabs:
Basic data:

Event Name: Add in this field the name of your event.
Category: Based on the categories you've created, select which event your event fits into. Click here to learn about categories.
Start Date, End Date and Time: In these fields add the date that your event will occur.
Event Guide: Clicking on this checkbox will enable the "Event Guide" tab.
Sessions: Clicking on this checkbox will enable the session configuration tab of your event. Follow the steps below to add a new session;
Click "New Session";
Add the title; 
Date and time (Initials and Finals); 
Click on "Add Speaker" - It will open the list of speakers registered by you. Just select it to link it to the event; 
Scroll down and click the "Save" button; 
Okay, you just created a session. 
Speakers: By clicking on this check box, you enable the configuration of the speakers for your event. Follow the steps below to add a new Speaker
Click on "New Speaker";
Add your first name; 
Add your middle name; 
Add speaker company; 
Write your biography; 
Add your title. Example: Business manager. 
Add your image: Here you need to select the image from your computer, you can crop it and adjust it as needed; 
Click "Save"; 
Okay, you just added a speaker and it could be linked to one or more sessions; 
Sponsors: By enabling this check box, you add the "Sponsors" session to your application and open the settings tab there. Follow the steps below to add a new Sponsor:
Click on "New Sponsor";
After that the fields will be enabled; 
Enter your Sponsor's Name; 
URL: Address to send Users to the sponsor's website by clicking on it; 
Select Image: Select the logo or image of your sponsor. You can resize and resize the image; 
Click "Save"; 
You've just created a new sponsor to show in your app. 
Tickets: If there are a limited number of tickets, you can determine how much by the platform it will track the remaining tickets based on the registrations made.
Internal Tickets: Tickets to internal users. (Removed on Eventelis 16.11 version).
URL to Registry: Here you determine where the user should be forwarded when downloading the App to perform their registration in the event.
Owner: Here you can determine who will be the Event Owner who is responsible for managing and setting up this event.
Private: By checking this box you limit the viewing of the event to emails with specific domains. For example: If you want to limit this event to your business only, you can enable this feature, and in addition, set the user profile to view this information based on segment, role, or department.
Draft: By selecting this check box, you mark the event as draft and it will not be visible to users until it is cleared.
Online: Clicking online disables the "Local" configuration tab and marks your event as Webinar.
Highlight: If you have the Multi Events plan, this check box highlights your event in your list.

Description: Add the description of your event. The information added in this session will appear in the "Event Guide" in the application menu. You can enter links, tables or even your custom 
source code.
Location: This session allows you to add the location of your event. The location will also appear in the "Event Guide"
History: Here is the list of all modifications made, who made the change and the date.