Our support center is based on the Service Ticket system which will be handled according to your SLA level.

"Click here to learn more about SLAs."

To submit a new ticket:

  1. Click on "New support Ticket" 
  2. Add your email to "Requester" 
  3. Add the title of your issue to "Subject" 
  4. Add the description of your issue to "Description". You can also insert attachments to make it easier to understand your problem 
  5. After completing the fields click on the "Submit" button to submit your ticket. 

Tracking the status of your Tickets.

  1. Click "Check ticket status" 
  2. By default, you'll open your Tickets open or pending, but you can filter them by "Open or pending," "Fixed or closed," or "All your tickets." 
  3. By clicking on your ticket: 

    • You can track the status of your ticket; 
    • Keep track of conversations with our agents; 
    • If your problem is resolved, you can mark your ticket as "Closed" by clicking the "Mark ticket as closed" button; 
    • You can also add people to the conversation, just click on the "Add people to conversation" button and add the email of the person in question. 

By default, tickets not answered by you are closed and data is resolved 30 days after the ticket creation date.

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